Fully automated, safe, controlled and labelled dispensing


Your solution for locations and time-frames where it is uneconomical to man the pharmacy. An InstyMedsServiSoft  acute medication dispenser is fully automated for safe, remote medication dispenses. The combination of an InstyMedsServiSoft dispenser and a ServiLockerServiSoft for pick-up medication enables a pharmacy distribution function to be realized on a few m2.

How does InstyMedsServiSoft work?

After a prescription has been processed elsewhere, InstyMedsServiSoft can activate a dispensing command from a pick-up code. InstyMedsServiSoft ensures safe, controlled and labelled dispensing.



This is how InstyMeds works!

See how efficient and safe InstyMeds works

Particularities InstyMeds

  • 102 individual positions

    InstyMedsServiSoft has 102 individual positions available for pharmaceuticals.
  • Fast and safe dispensing

    The labelled pharmaceuticals will be issued within approximately 90 seconds.
  • Notification service

    Automated message (with unique pick-up code) sent by email and/or SMS.
  • Extremely suitable for a regional emergency pharmacy

    InstyMedsServiSoft is extremely suited to night dispensing in a regional emergency pharmacy where prescriptions are written from a central position yet issued from a decentralised point.
  • Format of a Coke vending machine!

    Very simple to install.

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