Create your real quick counter

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Create your real quick counter with ServiQuickCounterServiSoft. The quick counter enables the pharmacy to separate clients which can be quickly helped or clients who need more time at the counter. ServiQuickCounterServiSoft works only in conjunction with ServiSoft.

How it works
Clients receive a unique pick-up code via notification by e-mail or text message. Then, the pickup signifies itself via ServiQuickCounterServiSoft and carries out his / her unique pick-up code. In the pharmacy it is immediately visible that the client has signed up and where the package is located. The pharmacist can now take the package and hand it over to the client immediately.


  • Faster lead time
  • High client satisfaction
  • Less waiting in the Pharmacy

Particularities Servi QuickCounter

  • Easy to use

    Clients can log in within approximately 10 seconds
  • Personalise your ServiQuickCounter

    Would you like your ServiQuickCounterServiSoft to reflect your branding? Ask for the possibilities!
  • Compact design

    ServiQuickCounterServiSoft is compact in size allowing it to be placed flexibly in your Pharmacy

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