ServiLocker: self serve pick-up for collecting prescriptions

24/7 self serve pick-up


You want to offer your client the best service possible. And: you want to take the lead in providing logistics solutions.

You can now. With ServiLockerServiSoft, you can provide a service to your client at any time. Even outside normal opening hours! ServiLockerServiSoft is a self serve cabinet with as many as 162 positions within a space of just 1 m2. ServiLockerServiSoft delivers prepared medication to your clients after they have received a pick-up message. Your clients no longer have to wait for their medication!

In order to create 24/7 accessibility, Autopharma has developed a double-sided ServiLockerServiSoft. And a door control device that clients can use to enter a code in order to open a door in the pick-up area. ServiLockerServiSofis available in cooled and uncooled models. The cooled ServiLockerServiSoft is based on a medical refrigerator. Would you like to know more about how the ServiLockerServiSoft and cooled ServiLockerServiSofwork? The Autopharma-team will be pleased to help you further!

How does the ServiLockerServiSoft works?

ServiLockerServiSoft is controlled by ServiSoft. The Cabinet automatically provides information about where the prescription is being stored and from where it can be removed.

Your employee logs in with the cabinet touch screen and connects a scanner to the outside of the cabinet.

After scanning a prescription, ServiLockerServiSoft automatically opens a slot where the prescription can be placed. The employee can choose a small or large slot and a preferable height.

As soon as the prescription has been placed into the slot, a notification with a pick-up code will be sent to the client automatically. The client can now use the pick-up code to open the slot that contains his/her prescription.



ServiLockerServiSofwithout signing

What can ServiLockerServiSoft do for you?

  • Your client no longer has to endure any unnecessary waiting time and will greatly appreciate this.
  • The client will no longer come to the counter. ServiLockerServiSoft saves an average of 4 minutes per prescription at the counter.
  • Pick-up times are spread out; large queues are prevented.
  • ServiLockerServiSoft can be useful for a Pharmacy servicepoint. You can manage ServiLockerServiSoft from the pharmacy via ServiSoft.
  • In an average pharmacy, ServiLocker can save 0.5 full-time employees.

This is how ServiLocker works!

See how easy and efficient ServiLocker works. This short film shows the simple steps of the process

Particularities ServiLocker

  • Uncooled ServiLocker with 162 individual positions

    A standard ServiLockerServiSoft has 162 individual slots
  • Cooled ServiLocker with 15 individual positions

    A standard cooled ServiLockerServiSoft has 15 individual slots.
  • 1.1 m2

    ServiLockerServiSofuses only 1.1 m2 of floorspace
  • A prescription will be handed out within a couple of seconds!

    Simple steps to ensure a quick and safe delivery
  • Personalise your ServiLocker

    Would you like your ServiLockerServiSoft to reflect your branding? Ask your account manager about the possibilities.

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