Track & Trace: gives oversight of your deliveries

No more searching in your pharmacy

Track & Trace

In the current working method, a prepared prescription will often be placed in a pick-up cabinet. The corresponding location card will then be attached to the prescription and placed in an alphabetical index card box. Clients then come at random moments to collect their medicines. Often, after waiting for some time, and as soon as it is the client’s turn, a shorter or longer search process for the prescription will begin. Regularly, the prescription will not be ready for them when they come to the pharmacy to pick it up. The current working method is manual, prone to errors, time-consuming and difficult to manage. To provide a solution for this process, Autopharma developed: Track & TraceServiSoft.

How it works

Track & TraceServiSoft ensures constant insight into the current location of the prescriptions:  from the time it is written, during intermediate location changes, and at the time it is handed over to the client. Track & TraceServiSoft is available on every PC in the pharmacy. Scanning ensures registration of the current location. Track & TraceServiSoft provides the possibility for a notification to be sent to your client to let him/her know about the status of his/her prescription.


What does Track & TraceServiSoft do for you?

  • No more searching for a prescription: The location can be found immediately in Track & TraceServiSoft.
  • You can automatically inform your clients about the status of their prescriptions.
  • By sending notifications¬†to your clients, they will not come to the pharmacy too early to pick up their prescription.
  • A pick-up message provides your client with a good sense of security and increases trust.
  • Shorter lead time at the counter.
  • Prescriptions that have not been picked up in time can easily be followed up or deleted.
  • Notifications can be provided with (commercial) messages.
  • The full location and message history (trace) is available for every prescription.
  • Statistical information can be collected automatically.
  • The working time savings provided by an investment in Track & TraceServiSoft can be recouped within one year.

How it works!

See how simple and efficient Servisoft Track and Trace works in a Pharmacy

Particularities ServiSoft Track & Trace

  • ServiScanner

    Autopharma recommends the use of a ServiScanner for maximum scanning flexibility. You can read more about ServiScanner here.
  • Easy notification service

    Inform your clients automatically about the status of their prescription via divers notification possibilities.
  • Optimal delivery route

    You get the optimal delivery route at the touch of a button.
  • Manage your pick-up cabinet or other locations!

    Manage your pick-up cabinet or other locations where bags may be stored by making use of reports.
  • User pass

    Optionally the user card can be used. This allows the pharmacy to register all actions in the system.

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