ServiLocker; we really like it

Paul Jansema

ServiLocker, successfully implemented

In our organisation, BENU, there was a growing trend for a automated self-service solution. Our pharmacy, which is located in the Nort of the Netherlands was potentially qualified for the placement of a ServiLocker. “I was interested to experience this innovative logistic solution” said pharmacist Paul Jansema from BENU pharmacy “Hoogeveen Centrum” – Netherlands.

Will this save time at the counter?
In a preliminary stage, I informed my regional managerthat I would like a solution to the increasing waiting times at the counter. The ServiLocker appeared to bea possible solution and I really would not mind to try this out. I was very curious whether it would save time!

Time saving and satisfaction in our pharmacy
The BENU projectmanager of Best Practices, Marcelle Broshuis had made various measurements during the pilot. The measurements showed that the waiting time at the pharmacy became shorter after the arrival of the ServiLocker. “My team was happily suprised when it turned out that our clients were very pleased with the implementation of the ServiLocker. We received many positive respones via our online satisfaction survey.”

From single-sided to double-sided
Initially we worked with a single-sided ServiLocker in the pharmacy. Clients could only collect their prescriptions during opening hours of the pharmacy. Many clients found this unfortunate. Because of this feedback we decided to replace the single-sided to a double sided ServiLocker. Clients can now collect their prescriptions 24/7!

We can serve our clients optimal
Each client group has a different serving expectation. Since we have the oppertunity to work with the ServiLocker we can respond much better to the different needs. ServiLocker clients are for instance a clientgroup, who like to collect their prescriptions in the fastest way, without waiting time or at a time that suits them the best. “We hope we can serve our different clientgroups optimal, not only now but also in the coming future.”