ServiSoft Track & Trace

M. Nawobi en A.M.C.M Couteau

"We were actually waiting for a good solution to reduce our search time"

“Endlessly searching belongs to the past”

Thus pharmacist Aimee Couteau of BENU pharmacy “Stratumse”in Eindhoven – Netherlands. In our pharmacy, we spend – like any other pharmacy – a lot of time in searching. We were actually waiting for a good solution to reduce our search time. Then there was Servisoft Track & Trace. After we were well informed about the opportunities we took the step.

No more searching for recipes

Searching for recipes was the startingpoint of our ‘search problems’. We even had made regulations for administrating recipes. Alphabetical arrangements, sorting the address labels… in short, obstacles that took unnecessary time. With Servisoft Track & Trace we can find the right recipe and client details in a few seconds.


Shorter walking routes in our pharmacy

“In our workprocess we have several locations where a prescription could be located; “to order”, “order that will take longer”, “partial deliveries” and many more. With the arrival of ServiSoft Track & Trace we defined these locations and positions. Now we know exactly where we can find our prescriptions.

Message service

“Clients now automatically receive a message by SMS or email when their medication is ready. This way you avoid them to enter the pharmacy without their medication. It brings peace and clarity. We also notice that the therapy has increased with the arrival of the message service. For us, a surprising side effect. ”

Time saving

“We are saving a lot of time through the quick and efficient oversight of the location of our recipes. We can
find something ‘everywhere’, all locations and positions are definable in the process. Last but not least: we can manage our NCNC (not collected, not cleaned) much better. We can use ServiSoft Track & Trace to make a printout of all stored items. We do this check every week, using the report it is quite convenient. ”



Pharmaceutical manager Malolay Nawobi  likes the extensions or new features
based upon the input from the field. Because of this she realizes that developments of Servisoft Track & Trace are optimal suited to the pharmacy processes.